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Seeking Full Insurance Payments For Condos And Condo Associations After A Storm

Storms and hurricanes that strike the Pensacola area and throughout Florida can cause millions of dollars in damages. This can be especially troublesome for condo owners and condominium associations, as there are many in this area of the state. If you are seeking payment from your insurance company on a weather damage claim, ask a lawyer first.

At Phil Hall, P.A., we understand the frustration that can arise after damages from a storm have been determined. We work tirelessly to see that insurance companies are paying on hurricane and storm claims so condo associations are in full compliance with their obligations so residents and condo owners can repair their residences as soon as possible.

Holding Insurers Accountable For Their Policies

Insurance policies are typically composed in a legally dense language that can be confusing if you are not familiar with the terminology. Having an attorney on your side who has extensive experience with these types of documents can be extremely beneficial.

We take the time to complete a detail-oriented review of your policy to ensure that the claim submitted is in fact a reasonable, payable claim. Once we have determined the validity, our firm takes swift and strong action against insurers who are failing to pay what they owe to condo owners and condo associations.

Types Of Claim Issues

Our firm sees many claim issues for condo owners and associations that often involve:

  • Bad faith claim denials
  • Delays in payment on claims for no reason
  • Insistence that additional evidence and paperwork be submitted before claims are paid
  • Failure to respond to lawyer or claimant requests for information on the claim
  • Refusal to fully pay claims based on lesser values of the damages

Fight Back And Get What You Are Owed

We are dedicated to pursuing your claim to the fullest extent of the law and seeing that it is paid by your insurer. To learn more, call our office today at 850-760-2156 or contact us online. A free consultation is offered.


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