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After a catastrophic injury, you may feel overwhelmed. While attempting to recover, you may be incurring significant medical debt, navigating the confusing insurance claims process, and coping with an inability to work and more. Most importantly, you may fear how you will care for your family.

At Phil Hall, P.A., we have worked with accident victims, disabled individuals, and property owners who have suffered damage after a storm since 2003. In this time, we have come to understand the discrepancies between the stressful circumstances that you endure and the actions of the insurance company. Together, we fight against powerful insurance companies to pursue what you are rightfully due.

We strive to make a difference, especially in the uneven playing fields of personal injury law and long-term disability claims. While insurers may fail to continually put the best interests of injured or disabled individuals in mind, we prioritize your goals and needs.

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Until something happens to them, few realize the imbalance of power between insurance companies and injury victims or those with disabilities. Insurance companies across Florida and the country retain significant power and control over claims that individuals need to make ends meet and move forward in their lives. With over 21 years of experience, attorney Phil Hall knows the common tactics that insurers employ to outright deny claims or pay far less than what you are due. The insurance company may not have your best interests in mind, but we do.

We represent those across Escambia County and the surrounding areas. Get into contact with our Pensacola office to schedule a free initial consultation. Call us at 850-760-2156.

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