Your Long Term Disability claim was denied. Now what?

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No one wants to receive rejection letters, especially not rejection letters from their insurance companies. You paid your premiums and worked hard for coverage. Now that you need access to your benefits, the insurance company is dragging its feet. Insurance companies don’t want to pay out for claims, and since most disability claims are evaluated by claims adjusters from that same company, obtaining your benefits can feel impossible.

Not all hope is lost. If the insurer denies benefits, you will have the right to appeal. But, appealing early or without the appropriate medical documentation can bar you from receiving benefits at all. This exact intersection is where most claims get mishandled and benefits are lost. Appealing the company’s decision is possible with the right tools, but the appeal needs to be filed within a very short deadline and additional documentation is necessary to change the verdict.

If your claim is part of a group plan through your employers, your policy is most likely governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) and thus your insurance company is required to provide you with the appeal requirements of your policy at no cost to you. A quick contact with your insurance company’s Human Resources department should put a copy of your policy into your hands, but there are instances where an attorney is required to obtain the full document.

We handle a lot of LTD cases, and we are always happy to help you at any stage of the claim process. The earlier you contact an attorney, the more likely you are to get your benefits timely. If you have questions about filing your claim for Long Term Disability, call Phil Hall, P.A, at 850-760-2156 for a free consultation.

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