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An unfortunate car accident can be a life-altering event. As the medical bills mount and you attempt to communicate with insurance companies, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is all the financial headaches that may arise. Amidst these difficult circumstances, it is prudent to hire an experienced Navarre car accident lawyer to help you navigate the legal process that can follow your accident. Here at Phil Hall, P.A., we strive to offer professional guidance while prioritizing your needs and goals.

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What Is a Car Accident Lawyer?

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your case may be, a car accident lawyer is here to provide legal counsel when you’re trying to obtain compensation for any injuries incurred or even the death of a loved one. The amount could cover anything from mental anguish and medical bills to lost wages due to not being able to return to work.

What a car accident lawyer can do for you is dependent on the unique circumstances surrounding your case. However, in general, our team can assist in communication with your insurer and that of the at-fault party, help sort and organize your medical reports and bills, work to acquire the necessary evidence to prove your case, and negotiate for a sufficient settlement.

Types of Damages Available in a Car Accident Claim

Florida is a no-fault state, meaning parties will file claims with their own insurance companies after the crash. However, the damages may exceed the coverage available. In this case, if another party is responsible for the crash and at fault for the injuries you experienced in Navarre, FL, it is your legal right to seek compensation for any remaining damages sustained. In most cases, both economic and non-economic damages can be sought.

  • Economic Damages: Resulting directly from an accident, economic damages have clear financial significance. They can include all medical costs obtained due to the accident, lost wages from missed work, damage to property, and any necessary funeral expenses.
  • Non-Economic Damages: These damages often have no set value or direct financial component. It can be difficult to calculate the value of these damages, but an experienced personal injury attorney can assist in making sure your claim properly reflects the damages experienced. These include things like physical pain, mental suffering, decreased quality of life, physical impairment, and disfigurement.

What You Should Expect From a Navarre Car Accident Lawyer

Although hiring legal counsel and representation to file a personal injury or automotive insurance claim is not required, it can have many advantages. When you’re experiencing pain and recovering from injuries, it can be especially difficult to negotiate with insurance companies or providers following an accident.

A personal injury attorney can be expected to guide you through the claims process, but they also can assist with the following:

  • Obtain evidence and witnesses to prove your claim.
  • Establish damages sustained.
  • Negotiate with all insurers involved.
  • Work with your doctors to make sure they provide all the necessary reports and documentation of your injuries.
  • Help you calculate the value of both economic damages and non-economic damages suffered.

You should expect your attorney to fight for you and your personal injury claim, and the team at Phil Hall, P.A., is here to do just that.


Q: Why Should I Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Florida?

A: The first and most important reason to hire a lawyer following a car accident in Florida is to have someone who is working to protect your legal right to compensation. As each accident is unique, so are the complexities that may arise. It is crucial to hire someone experienced and skilled to assist you during the legal process. From lost wages to medical bills, you’ll need compensation to cover many types of damages. An experienced car accident attorney can guide you toward a sufficient settlement.

Q: How Much Can Someone Sue for a Car Accident in Florida?

A: In the state of Florida, there is no limit on a claim filed following a car accident, provided the amount is equitable to damages suffered. This means that all economic and non-economic losses should reflect the requested figure. The team at Phil Hall, P.A., has the ability to file the claim on your behalf and calculate the value of your case, giving you the power to seek adequate compensation.

Q: How Much Does a Lawyer Get From a Car Accident Settlement in Florida?

A: How much a lawyer gets from a car accident settlement can vary, as the percentage is dependent on several factors. The complexity of the case, the attorney’s experience, and the circumstances surrounding the accident all can all influence the portion taken. When a client takes a percentage from their client’s claim, this is known as a contingency fee.

In this case, an attorney will only receive a fee if they can win compensation for their client. Additional fees might be added if the attorney were to pay further court costs.

Q: How Long Does a Car Accident Settlement Take in Florida?

A: The time it takes to reach a settlement in a car accident case in Florida is dependent on certain factors, including the following:

  • The severity of the case
  • The intricacy of surrounding legal matters
  • The nature of all damages and injuries related to the case
  • The involvement of necessary insurance companies
  • Use of evidence and witness testimony

At Phil Hall, P.A., it is our goal to advise you on all proceedings to reach your requested compensation in a timely manner.

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Since 2003, the team at Phil Hall, P.A., has been offering support and advocacy for our clients with compassion and care. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury due to a car accident, schedule a free consultation with us today. It is our intent to stand beside you and help you navigate the legal process of your personal injury claim.


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