Do You Know Your Lawyer? Do They Know You?

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Personal injury cases are complicated and nuanced. They involve trauma, pain and uncertainty. Are you sure that your lawyer really knows what you’ve been through? Have you met the lawyer personally and had time to fully explain your situation? Did they ask questions and really try to understand your case? Only by fully understanding your experience and having frequent, open communication with you can your lawyer provide the service you need and recover the full measure of your losses.

Every personal injury case is unique because every person is unique. The human element is just as important as legal expertise. Only by fostering open communication can a lawyer provide empathetic and effective representation. Only by coming to know the client’s personal situation can the lawyer tailor their legal strategy to the client’s specific needs and circumstances. By getting to know the client, good lawyers can identify key details and nuances that might otherwise be overlooked. They can ensure the client is informed every step of the way, alleviating anxiety about the process and allowing the client to make informed decisions. The client comes to truly trust the attorney.

Clients of large state-wide and national law firms often find themselves unable to communicate effectively with their lawyer. Getting through to the lawyer handling their case may be almost impossible. Calls, voicemails and emails go unanswered, forcing the client to try again and again to get through. Their lawyer may be handling hundreds of cases at the same time, making it impossible for them to respond timely or to truly understand all the client’s needs. Building trust is very difficult in these situations.

If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, you deserve compassionate representation by a lawyer who truly knows you. At Phil Hall, P.A., our attorneys sit down with the client at the beginning of the case and communicate regularly with the client to ensure that we have the full picture of your case. If you are looking for an attorney who listens, give us a call. The attorneys at Phil Hall, P.A. are ready to help.

Patrick S. Martin
Of Counsel
Board-certified Civil Trial Specialist

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