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Crosswalk Safety in Pensacola: Laws for Drivers and Pedestrians

Crosswalks are intended to provide a safe place for pedestrians to cross…

Phil Hall, P.A. Law Firm

Distracted Driving – A problem for everyone

One of the most frequent causes of motor vehicle accidents is distracted…

Phil Hall, P.A. Law Firm

I Was Involved in a Hit-and-Run Accident in Florida, What are My [...]

Being the victim of a hit-and-run accident is a scary and frustrating…

Phil Hall, P.A. Law Firm

Florida Rideshare Accidents: The Critical Role of the App

Uber and Lyft offer convenience to passengers and drivers alike, allowing both…

Phil Hall, P.A. Law Firm

Understanding Florida’s New Comparative Fault Law: What You Need to Know

Who is at fault in a car accident? It’s not always a…

Phil Hall, P.A. Law Firm

Do You Know Your Lawyer? Do They Know You?

Personal injury cases are complicated and nuanced. They involve trauma, pain and…

Phil Hall, P.A. Law Firm

What To Do After A Car Accident in Florida?

People in the Pensacola area rely on their vehicles to get to…

Phil Hall, P.A. Law Firm

What You Should Collect After a Car Accident in Florida?

Car wrecks are stressful, nerve-racking events. In the commotion of making sure…

Phil Hall, P.A. Law Firm

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